Holdsworth Firenze review

Holdsworth was Falcon’s pro-level range, and a code re-emerged final year with a Reynolds steel highway bike in iconic burnt orange. Can a new all-carbon £3,000 Firenze live adult to a mythological name? 

Frame and handling

Holdsworth’s Firenze is a competition appurtenance formed around 73-degree angles, with an arched yet dramatically tilted tip tube, a 165mm slim conduct tube, BB30 bottom joint and short, vigourous chainstays. The straight-bladed all-carbon flare keeps a steering approach and a float stable. 

With measure like this a Firenze is during a best when we are: a long, low position encourages speedy, in-the-saddle and on-the-drops efforts, yet adult on a hoods we can still say a reduce position than we can with a some-more sportive-orientated bike. 

While a Firenze has pulse-like acceleration, a support can feel approach over chattery severe highway surfaces, with a slight bang-and-crash inlet over potholes. It’s never adequate to pull we offline, yet can turn a small unnerving and it’s accompanied by a rattling of a inner cables. For smooth, quick roads a Holdsworth is adult with a best, yet on Britain’s roads a Firenze can turn a small wearing after a few hours.

Gears and wheels

The Holdsworth comes with Ultegra, yet a BB30-specific Firenze requires an concomitant chainset. Holdsworth has opted for a glorious FSA SL-KLight; a full CO construction is light and stiff. The gearing, like a frame, is directed during racers, mixing a 53/39 and tighten ratio 12-25 cassette. Despite a ‘tall’ gearing, a low weight and good wheels meant a Firenze never becomes a duty on a steepest climbs.

Holdsworth have kept a Shimano theme, with tubeless-ready Ultegras. Tightly built, light and with peculiarity hubs, this is a customary of wheels we’d wish for. The Rubena Syrinx V80 tyres have a soft, movable surrounding and hurl beautifully, notwithstanding a conspicuous step that creates for a slight squirmy feeling underneath tough cornering.

Finishing kit

Holdsworth have fabricated an glorious finishing package, with a one-piece CO Pro Stealth Evo bar/stem a genuine jewel. One-piece setups have a advantage of zero to disencumber or slip. They might miss adjustability yet if a figure suits we won’t demeanour back. The shoal dump and oversized tip make it gentle in each position and a considerable rigidity matches a bike’s altogether feel. 

The all-carbon Vibe seatpost is also from Pro. The slotted, open conduct pattern gives a small movement, damping quivering from a rear. It’s surfaced with a San Marco Concor saddle whose deep-sided, slight figure matched a exam riders.

Holdsworth’s entrance CO bike is also directed precisely during racers. The float is stiff, a doing approach and if you’re looking to get your racing kicks from somewhere leftfield, a glorious value Firenze could be it. 

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