De Ierse singer-songwriter Luka Bloom maakt een schitterend nummer over fietsen. Er op uitgaan met je fiets en de vrijheid beleven.

Think I’ll go for a ride
Take the bike out of the shed
Make a fresh start
Get out of my head
When the head spins
There is no joy
Put me on the saddle
And I’m a little boy
A little boy on a mission
Like the Tour de France
We’re like Fred and Ginger
When they’re doing their dance
To the sound of rubber
Out on the old bog road
Through the gorse and the heather
I’m as free as a bird
It helps me remember
How good it used to be
Feeling like a king
The bike, the road, and me
Think I’ll go for a ride
Every ride has victories
Challenges and trials
You hope the skies don’t open
When home is many miles
You think you’re just cruising
Life is flowing along
A fall or a puncture

Anything can go wrong
Then you know you’re vulnerable
At the mercy of the wind
With every hill you climb
You begin and begin and begin
Begin to be a spokesman
With the freedom of the road
You see the Wicklow Mountains
And you know you have to go
I think I’ll go for a ride
Summer evenings on the road
The cool breeze in my hair
Poetry in motion
On two wheels around Kildare
There are cycling heroes
Each one is my pal
They inspire me when I’m pedaling
By the river or canal
Some days I’m like Sean Kelly
Some days I’m David Byrne
Pedaling through Dublin
Or Portland Oregon
Mic Christopher in dreadlocks
Donal Lunny and Olwen Fouere
Cycling through the city
Waving to them all there